olivine sweatshirt.


Eco friendly, unisex, sage green sweatshirt with handmade devanaischa cactus patch.

• nature inspired.
• celebrating the perfectly imperfect, the balance of masculine and feminine energy, full of both strength and softness.
• handmade; each piece one of a kind, special, unique and embodying our mission from devanaischa.

to create custom pieces showing unmatched individuality to remind you how extraordinary you truly are. 🤎🌵

Sizing: s/m/l/xl

chest- 34-36 in
waist- 30-32 in
hips- 34-36 in

chest- 38-40 in
waist- 34-36 in
hips- 38-40 in

chest- 42-44 in
waist- 38-40 in
hips- 41-43 in

chest- 46-48 in
waist- 42- 44 in
hips- 44-46 in